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Another school year begins


Welcome back everyone!

It has been a relatively calm and ordered start to the 2017-18 school year – unusual really!

It’s so lovely to see the pupils back in school looking healthy and sun-kissed! I’m sure they grow quicker in the summer months, many are taller now than I am – they make me feel very proud!

We’ve welcomed a few new pupils and staff and said sad goodbyes to a group of very special leavers – Sophie, Robert, Tom, Luke, Molly and Andrew. They left Pear Tree in July and have each pursued their own chosen pathways to further independence, of course we wish each of them lots of love, luck, happiness and success.

As you will all know I am retiring at Christmas so this is my last term as Headteacher at Pear Tree School – what an honour! It’s been 13 years since I arrived and  it’s been a privilege and pleasure (well for at least half of the 13 years!).

And now as I approach my retirement I  reflect on everything that’s been achieved here and feel immense pride.  It’s almost time for me to move over and let Kate take the helm – she’s raring to go and is going to be just perfect!

I’ve just counted up in my diary and it’s 15 weeks until we finish for Christmas so I’ve got ages yet before I have to say goodbye.

So here goes…another school year begins, I say it every year and I’ve never been wrong – this is going to be the best year ever at Pear Tree School!!

Kindest regards,







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